Selected Performance Work

My Father, My Martyr, and Me: Posctolonial Instructions for Loving the Palestinian Body

My Father, My Martyr, and Me is a full length solo performance in poetry. It has been programmed at Mosaic Theater, OUTSider Fest, INTER-SECTION Solo Fest, the Rachel Corrie Foundation’s SHURUQ Festival, Western Washington University, and elsewhere.
Duration: 90 minutes


Colonize this | ASU News

My Father, My Martyr, and Me and the 'unarcheology' of home (nuebox.org)

Nerdcast Arizona PBS - Fargo Tbahki & The Creative Process (google.com)


A work of puppetry, poetry, and videography. Investigates the possibilities offered by puppetry to resist state constructions of “terror” and “terrorism.”  Duration: 6:45.


A series of solo performance as research projects exploring the impact of technologically mediated liveness on the performance of historical trauma. Interactive digital performances culminated in a 9.5 hour durational performance of mourning.

Selected Archived Poetry Readings

Celebrating Abundance: Mizna Queer and Trans Issue Reading 

Palestine in Parallel: Poetry Performance | Palestine Writes 2020 - YouTube

Peach Mag: Season 4 Episode 4 (s04e04) - YouTube

Equality Arizona Queer Poetry Salon

WWU SUPER Panel:  Palestinian Artists on Place, Poetry, and Resistance


Ephemera from performances past. Some of them I was a guest within, some of them I helped create, some of them emerged from the ground.

Selected Poems


OF | Protean Magazine

“american-Palestinian Incantation”| Poetry Daily

“For My Little Wooden Fisherman,” “Travel Log: Visit Palestine!”Flypaper Lit

“Indictment Film,”The Boiler



“The King Pays the Moss to Eat the Castle,” “The King Pays the Moslem Never to Return,” “The Wise American Poet Brings Peace to the Middle East”Prolit 

“american-Palestinian incantation,” “resurrection, with lines from joanna newsom,”Mizna Queer and Trans Voices Issue

“on learning Palestine does not exist,”  | Shuruq Festival Writing Showcase, Rachel Corrie Foundation

“ghazal-sonnet crown for failure and tonya and baba and queers and me,”  | Peach Mag
           -Longlisted for the Peach Gold Prize

“palestinians handshake emoji spiders,” Afternoon Visitor

“in the year 2148, our only nakba,”Hobart

“palestinian love poem”, 
Berkeley Poetry Review

“Excerpts from ANTIGONE. VELOCITY. SALT,”Great River Review

“in the walgreens parking lot on the corner of 44th and indian school, another massacre,” Anomaly

“5 poems,”  | baest

“on learning Palestine does not exist,” “vaudeville to find each other,” “zuihitsu with $56.23 in my bank account,”Best Buds! Poetry Collective


“there is a pinky finger in my mouth,”underblong

“Image of a Dabke at the Great March of Return,”  | Peach Mag
       -Shortlisted for the Peach Gold Prize in      

“antigone 4,”Cordite Poetry Review

“antigone 14,”The Shallow Ends

“reasons not to die,”Voicemail Poems
        -Best of the Net Nomination

“antigone 11,”  | Protean Magazine


Fargo Nissim Tbakhi

Fargo Nissim Tbakhi is a queer Palestinian-American performance artist and writer. He is the winner of the Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Prize, a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, and a Taurus. He has received fellowships from Rhizome DC, VisArts, Desert Nights Rising Stars, Halcyon Arts Lab, Mosaic Theater, and RAWI. His writing appears in Foglifter, Mizna, Peach Mag, Apex Magazine, Strange Horizons, the Shallow Ends, Prolit, and select bags of Nomadic Grounds Coffee. His performance work has been programmed at OUTsider Fest, INTER-SECTION Solo Fest, the Rachel Corrie Foundation’s Shuruq Festival, the Alwun House Monster’s Ball, Mosaic Theater, and has been supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. 

To access a full artist portfolio and CV, visit this dropbox link.

To contact Fargo for bookings, inquiries, thoughtful little notes, or sweet nothings, email fargotbakhi@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @YouKnowFargo.